Interior Painting

For all your Bellevue professional exterior painting needs you want to go with Grow Painting LLC. We are always looking to find ways to add the most value by walking along with you in the whole process to ensure that your home is one you seek to invite friends and family over to. 

Professional Interior Painting

We all spend the majority of our time indoors, more specifically, in our homes. That is why more attention to detail is needed when applying new interior paint. When it comes to painting your house interiors, you need the best quality results. Whether it is from the cleanest and straightest lines all the way to a full remodel of your house, your home deserves a high-quality service. We spend and take pride in the quality of our interior paint projects because we really take time in the preparation process that enables us to not only see the success of the project, but also it’s longevity of it. Allow for us to walk you through what that process looks like:

Our Interior Painting Process

Step 1: Color Selection

Step 2: Protecting the work area

Step 3: Sanding

Step 4: Patching

Step 5: Caulking

Step 6: Priming

Step 7: Applying Paint

Step 8: Clean Up

This full comprehensive plan leaves you with an urge to throw a house party to show off the new look of your home.

We Will Create Your Dream Home

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